Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Belt it Out!

Belts are so expensive! And yet, I have recently learned that they give variety to my already existing wardrobe and outfits by adding different colors and styles. Many belts, like at Target, run $12.99 or more, and that's just for a "skinny" belt. But occasionally they go on sale or clearance - though finding a clearance belt I like in my size can be hard. My sister and I were walking around the mall when I was back in WI and we spotted some clearance belts -  I got 4 belts for $5! What a great deal!!! One problem - the only belts left that were a size to big for me. And none of these had that extra little flap to tuck in the extra. No problem! I had an idea...

What I needed was a way to keep the extra belt bit from flapping away. I could use a small black hair tie, but that would only work on the black belt, really. I needed something clear or transparent, at least.

I bought some of these clear plastic hair ties from Walmart for around $2.50, and put it around a colored belt to make it easier to see... not quite clear, but less noticeable than black!

I tried it out today on the black patterned belt from the picture above. It worked! It helped that for most of the day I wore a lightweight layer. But there was no flapping or flopping around!

This is what I did. I wrapped the band twice around, like on the yellow belt, then I rolled the band about three quarters of the way around, till it was almost to the buckle. After I buckled the belt (since this are big, usually the very last hole) and pulled one of the loops over the extra belt, near the end. You can just barely see it on the middle and bottom picture.Just one, not both, was sufficient, since wrapping it twice around was a bit tight, though just once around would have been too loose. It hits right on the side, where the arms rest, so not in an obvious place. And there you have it!

Monday, September 12, 2016

"First Day of Fall Schedule" Pic!

Everyone in my Facebook news feed is sharing "first day of school" pictures, so I decided to share my own "first day" picture, since our fall programming started on September 11th, that was as close to a "First Day" as I was going to be! And it sort of felt like being thrown into a first day of school, since it was the first day of our seminary student, and our second official Sunday for our minister of music, AND I had just gotten back from vacation, leaving right after the senior pastor had gotten back from HIS vacation!

As you can see, my cats are so proud that this is my 4th Rally Day at St. Paul Lutheran!

Sorry for the poor quality - it's a cell phone, and it's SO EARLY IN THE MORNING!