Saturday, July 15, 2017

Still blogging, still sewing: Shirts

The blog was on a bit of hiatus, but I was not. I've been working on a couple of things since I moved about 6 months ago (including using the new sewing machine my mom got me!) I've been making cute maternity shirts, because apparently there is a lackage of cute options out there. These patterns are not strictly maternity, but are flowy and gathered in the front in some way.

I've learned that I apparently suck at doing button holes on my new machine, so I will be taking a class while I'm with my family in WI to learn how. So in the meantime, I cheat a bit and use snaps, with buttons sewn on the front.

I'll start with the most recently finished (well, almost) first, this is Butterick B5763. I think I will make one of these for myself!

All I have left to do is sew on the snaps!

Friday, February 3, 2017

LLR Hacks

I am probably part of too many LuLaRoe groups! For the uninitiated, LLR is like Tupperware meets Russian roulette for clothes. I saw this shirt in a size or two bigger than I needed, but I loved it so much (because I LOVE white and black patterns) I bought it and added a seam up the back to make it less bulky, which can be seen on the pic on the right. The seam is actually straight though it doesn't look it, it's hard to take a pic of your back! This kind of shirt (called an Irma) has a hi-low hem, which makes it a challenge to layer in the winter with certain sweaters. I thought of a way to fix that using a skinny belt. Blouse the back. Tada!