Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Holy Trinity in Summer Professional Wear

I fell in love with this material as soon as I saw it at my Mom's, and she let me keep it! Originally, I was intending to make some sort of summery scarf out if it, but when I saw this pattern (also from my Mom), I knew that it was the perfect choice. It's a light, transparent material that looks like a big abstract painted mural. I decided to make view A (the purple one). It was a challenge to sew because the fabric tended to stretch and fray while I hemmed it, causing a slight rippling effect at the hems. But you really can't tell, unless you look really close. And maybe it's just supposed to be that way! :) All told, I think it took me about 2.5 hours to sew. 

It's the perfect summer option - lightweight enough to not be sweltering, having enough substance not to let me freeze in air-conditioning, and is classy enough to wear to the office. Most of the time, summer clothes look more appropriate on the beach than the office, or aren't quite substantial enough to wear in AC, and my nice clothes tend to be fine in AC but too much for the NJ heat. This is the perfect trinity united in one garment! And it's just so colorful and fun and flowy!

Here I have a black tank top on underneath, but the day I actually wore it, I had black pants for a monochromatic look where the top could really POP! Next time I might try it with a collar on a summer Sunday morning! 

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