Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Snow Crafty, Part 2.5

The little project that I did during the snow day was altering this sleeveless purple shirt I found on clearance. The side seam was open a third of the way up, which at first I didn't mind since it didn't reveal anything and I would tuck it in anyway. But it made tucking hard and added some awkward looking volume on the bottom. So I sew up the side seem, which posed a challenge, since the seam was curved. But after I did it, it tucked so much better, as seen here. I unfortunately don't have a before picture. I'm also wearing the same skirt I made which I posted about earlier. 

The high neckline makes it look good with a collar too!

Somehow the pic ended up upside down... anyway, the seam ripper shows where the original slit started that I sewed until the two rounded sides separated. Nice work, no? 

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